Quantum Granite Pyramid
Quantum Granite Pyramid

Delivers high energy healing frequencies & EMF protection for inside & outside your home Price Unit:
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37 lbs, 12" x 12" base
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Quantum Granite Pyramid - from Premier Research Labs (PRL)

Semi-precious geometric forms for space clearance, Vastu support and self-healing. Based on ancient bioenergetic technology.

Once the HemaPro and Q-Tape are in place to create a unified field in your home or office, the pyramid can be used to amplify and strengthen the field.

This highly resonant, double ley line, pink granite pyramid is excellent for use outside for high-energy field strength or inside a building to deliver high-energy inerton energetics. Our granite pyramids are cut in the exact dimensions of the original Great Pyramid of Giza (52° angle) and deliver scalar wave environmental balancing for your home and office.

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