Green Star 1000 Juicer
Green Star 1000 Juicer

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Best juicer on the market, by far - powerful low-RPM motor doesn't heat/oxidize so juice lasts longer retaining enzymes & nutrients Price Unit:
29 lbs
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*Highest Recommendation*

This is the best juicer on the market, by far. Because of its powerful twin-gear, low-RPM motor, it doesn't heat or oxidize the juice like other juicers so the juice lasts longer and retains more of its enzymes and nutrients. The slow moving triturating twin gears crush the fruits and vegetables, rather than cutting them. You can store the juice in the refrigerator for up to a few days (unlike other juicers which require you to consume the juice immediately). The Green Star expels a drier pulp, an indication that more juice and more nutrients are being extracted.

It is essentially 5 machines in one: 1) regular fruit and vegetable juicer, 2) wheat grass and herb juicer (it will also juice kale and celery which tend to wear out other juicers), 3) food mill which homogenizes, makes nut butters, frozen fruit sorbet, baby food and more, 4) Mochi Maker which makes Japanese rice cake, bread sticks and cookies, and 5) Pasta Maker.

If you are serious about juicing (and your health) this, is the juicer to own. It will compare favorably with a $2,000 commercial juicer. Relatively quiet and easy to clean; 1/4 hp. motor with a torque of 4 hp., 90 rpm, 190 watts at starting point and 100-120 watts while idling. 22 1/4" x 10" x 15 1/2". Comes with 5-year warranty.

Same as Green Star 3000 less the following attachments: coarse screen, drip tray, strainer, mochi maker, pasta maker.
20 3/4" x 10" x 15". Comes with a 5-year warranty.

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