H.A. Repair Cream
H.A. Repair Cream

Luxurious multi-nutrient facial cream - ultimate anti-aging formula for radiant, healthy skin Packaging:
1 oz
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H.A. Repair Cream - from Premier Research Labs (PRL)

  • World-class, super-hydrating cream for skin health and beauty
  • Great for all skin types; special help for eye area, wrinkles, sun-exposed skin
  • Unlike typical skin creams, significant amounts of key, skin-enhancing super skin nutrients are present
  • Contains the rare and expensive Italian hyaluronic acid, nanized green tea extract, nanized
    propolis extract, colostrum, nanized DHLA, carnosine, tocotrienol complex, real vitamin E
    complex, geniune French lavender oil and more
  • The combined synergism of these broad-spectrum nutrients yields spectacular nourishment and restores high cellular resonance, the only path to real beauty - simply not possible if toxic tagalong ingredients are present
  • Absolutely no toxic chemicals - No paraben, propylene glycol, polysorbate, etc.
  • Simply the most revolutionary skin formula devised
Contents / Ingredients:

Nano-Pure Serum™ [Purified water/aqua, Zea Mays Oil, Vegetable-Based Fatty Acids, Vegetable-Based Glycerin, Carrot Root Extract, Guar Gum, Onion Extract, Orange Peel Extract], Apricot Kernel Oil, Hazelnut Oil, Grape Seed Extract, Horsetail Leaf Extract, Rose Petal Oil, Colostrum (Whole Dairy Source), Hyaluronic Acid, DMAE (Dimethylaminoethanol), L-Carnosine (not animal source), Tocotrienol, Nucleotide Conc., Lavendar Oil, Neuro-ND (dihydrolipoic acid), Green Tea-ND (Nanized Green Tea Extract), Quinol-ND (CoQ10), Propolis Nanized Extract, Max B-ND (B Complex)

Recommended Use:
Massage 1/8 tsp. into facial areas, morning and before bed to ultra-nourish and deep-moisturize the skin.
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