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9 ft. roll of 1/2" tape
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Q-Tape from Premier Research Labs (PRL) - DISCONTINUED - SEE our page on EMF PROTECTION for current recommendations.

Note, the Q-Tape is no longer enough to protect cell phones due to the increased power coming from cell towers, the proliferation of cell towers and the stronger cell phones. Use the Q-Disk for your cell phone.

Q-Tape is made from a special metal alloy that is easily bendable. Q-Tape is easy to cut with scissors, and after peeling off the backing, its sticky surface makes it easy to apply to a surface. It can also be taken off a surface fairly easily if it needs to be repositioned and then replaced.

Polarity Balancing
Q-Tape is very unusual in that it has a highly negative polarity (most metals have a net positive polarity). This makes Q-Tape the perfect element to balance highly polarized electrical currents which saturate all the walls of your home.

EMF Balancing
The current flowing through electrical wires has a net positive charge. Q-Tape has a strong negative charge. When a small amount of Q-Tape is placed inside an electric box, the yin (QTape) and yang (electric current) become balanced and the walls in your home or apartment “turn on” with a nicely resonant, balanced polarity. When opposing polarities are combined such as these, they can release a virtual shower of shimmering, high energy bio-energetic resonance.

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