Righteously Raw Maca Chocolate Bar
Righteously Raw Maca Chocolate Bar

Organic, vegan, raw, delicious, maca & chocolate truffle - actually good for you! Unit Weight:
2.3 oz/66g bar
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Manufacturer: Earth Source Organics

While the Maca Chocolate Truffle Bar packs enough sweetness to tempt even non-chocolate lovers, it is the maca that will win them over. Long known to support a healthy immunity and increase strength, maca is most well-known as a fertility enhancer of the first order. Maca's sensuous, irresistible flavor sparks the imagination while its unique nutritional elements work to moderate and balance hormone production. This combination contributes to an increase in vitality and healthy sexual desire, and a taste that will literally blow your mind!

The Maca Chocolate Truffle Bar represents a quantum leap forward in flavor and nutrient-density for any chocolate bar, and it's completely raw, organic, and gluten-free! The Maca Choclate Truffle Bar turns the recipe for a classic chocolate truffle inside-out, surrounding a cacao-fruit filling with a shell of lightly sweetened maca and mesquite. This is a cacao bar for true maca lovers, opening our senses to the possibilities of this ancient Peruvian superfood. The flavor of the Maca Chocolate Truffle Bar flows outward from the warming, nutty, spicy aroma of maca and mesquite to the subtle sweetness of raw cacao blended with cleansing fruits. The result is tempting, delectable...Righteously Raw!

Makers of raw chocolate bars have long sought to bring out the unmistakable flavor of cacao through the careful selection of low-glycemic sweeteners. In the spirit of the most Righteous cacao on the planet, the makers of Maca Chocolate Truffle Bars use rich Khadrawi dates and delicate Golden Hunza Raisins as the primary sweeteners. Khadrawi dates have a much lower glycemic index than many other dates, contributing a rich, enticing flavor and a wealth of minerals to an already luscious bar. Golden Hunza Raisins add additional fiber and a light accent of sweetness to balance the assertive flavors of maca and mesquite. With Khadrawi dates and Golden Hunza Raisins in every bite, Maca Chocolate Truffle Bars promote a gradual increase in energy while exerting little effect on blood sugar levels.

Cacao and Maca exhibit an incredible synergy when eaten together, each one building off the tempting, exotic flavor of the other. Is it so surprising that both of these superfoods traditionally been used as aphrodisiacs? In one bite, the heart-opening caress of raw cacao is deepened through the warmth of maca. Two superfoods, one intense moment. What will the next bite bring?

The Maca Chocolate Truffle Bar is the perfect introduction for those inexperienced with this Peruvian Superfood, and an exciting departure for those familiar with maca's power.

The Maca Chocolate Truffle bar is 100% Certified Organic by CCOF, certified Kosher by EarthKosher, totally vegan, and prepared in a facility approved to be Gluten-Free by the Celiac-Sprue Association.

Contents / Ingredients:

Cacao Butter, Cacao Powder, Khadrawi Dates, Golden Hunza Raisins, Mesquite Powder, Maca Powder, Agave Nectar, Coconut Oil, Vanilla Bean, Himalayan Pink Salt.

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