Oils & EFAs

Highest quality Essential Fatty Acids. Dr. Marshall of Premier Research Labs has discovered that even the dark glass bottles in the stores do not block out the rays of light that rancidify, so most of them are rancid by the time they are put on the shelves. In fact most of the other oils that we test usually test weak. He has created (patent pending) a bottle that does block these harmful rays. We suggest only using these oils and no others.

Bad fats/oils such as hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils (all packaged foods) are responsible for severely compromising the gallbladder and fat digestion. Also no oil should ever be heated or used for cooking except coconut oil.

Coconut Oil
Virgin, unprocessed raw coconut oil - healthy blood lipids, skin support
Price: $18.95
Feed your Brain! Promotes superior brain processing, mental acuity and memory, protects brain when eating out
Price: $29.95
EFAs - Liquid
Balanced Essential Fatty Acid formula - Life-Essential, Super Brain and Body Blend
Price: $14.50
EPA/DHA Marine
Fish oil concentrate for brain, kidneys, heart, vision & joint health.
Price: $29.95
Lecithin Granules
Fat emulsifier for brain, heart, gallbladder and liver health
Price: $13.95
Vintage Vinegar
Genuine gourmet Italian vinegar - natural, healthy source
Price: $6.50

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