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Hair Care

Did you know EVERY shampoo you buy in the store has toxic chemicals that enter your body & brain through your scalp? But NOT THESE. They actually help detoxify and regenerate your scalp and hair.  
All-natural hair care, featuring 5-Elements shampoos and conditioners, the most effective program of holistic scalp and hair care available. Using nature's finest trace minerals, botanicals and essential oils, 5-Elements gently cleans and revitalizes hair growth. 100% natural. Organic. NO CHEMICALS. From The Morrocco Method. See bottom for others.
- Stimulates, rejuvenates & revitalizes  
- Reconstructive for a healthy scalp - from sebaceous glands to hair follicles  
- Address hair loss and thinning 100% naturally  
- For all scalp problems - from dandruff to surgery  
- Stimulate hair growth organically  
- Holistic and good for entire body  
- Grow stronger, thicker hair and revitalize limp, lifeless hair  
- Restore brittle, damaged hair, retain natural color and sheen  
- Non toxic, non-allergenic  
- For entire family  
These enlivened, charged botanicals and hand-picked herbs are mixed, blended, and bottled according to the moon cycles used by ancient farmers.

Zen Hair & Scalp Detox
Detoxing clay mask for your hair and scalp, removing toxins & chemicals affecting the scalp, brain & immune system.
Price: $23.00
Conditioner - PRL
Nourishing hair conditioner made with choice herbal nutrients - toxic-free
Price: $11.95
Natural keratin supplement that offers excellent skin, hair and nails support
Price: $24.95
He Shou Wu - extract powder 250 grams
Supports hair growth and reversing premature graying of hair, anti-aging & restorative
Price: $74.95
Shampoo - PRL
Thoroughly cleanses & oxygenates - no toxics
Price: $11.95

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