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Candles - Organic & Vegan

Candles made from Organic Non-GMO Soy Wax! These are the only organic vegan candles we have found. Our candles are clean burning organic soy candles for elegance, romance and aromatherapy. These beautiful candles combine the finest essential oils with the world's first Organic Soy and Organic Vegetable Waxes.

- Healthy vs. Toxic - burn organic soy vs. petroleum (paraffin). Breathing paraffin can be like breating car exhaust. Stop breathing petroleum and burn candles that are better for your health, with healing essential oils.
- No soot - burns with 95% less soot...less $ spent cleaning windows, walls & furniture.
- Earth-friendly - organic soy is a renewable and sustainable resource, unlike oil...reduces our dependence on crude oil.
- 100% biodegradable.
- Easy clean-up with soap & water unlike messy paraffin.
- High quality ingredients including lead free natural cotton wicks.
- Burn longer, evenly and efficiently.

- Lavender Love: Lavender Love, Ylang Ylang & Sweet Orange
- Cinnamon Spice: Cinnamon, Clove & Sweet Orange
- Evergreen: Fir, Spruce & Pine
- Lemongrass: Lemongrass & Bergamot
- Orange Ginger
- Parsley Sage Thyme (in Ripple Flare)
- Rosemary Mint (in Ripple Flare)

Ripple Flare Glass - Scented
Available in 2 fragrances
Price: $12.50
Votives - Scented
Available in 5 fragrances
Price: $2.50
Votives - Scented 3-pak
Available in 5 fragrances - with glass holder
Price: $9.95
Votives - Unscented 3-pak
White with glass holder
Price: $9.95

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