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Vastu - Home Energetics

The Vastu or energy of your home is the most important factor determining your health, wealth and happiness. The bioenergetic spectrum (solar, lunar, stellar, geomagnetic), though unseen, dictates the health, longevity and mental prowess of all humans as well as their prosperity and success.

Where Vastu energetics are repolarizing and strengthening, then your human battery, has greater strength, immunity and need less food and sleep. Where Vastu energetics are poor, you can get run down easily and your health may suffer because your environment is depolarizing you constantly. Then you need extraordinary amounts of nutritional supplements or therapeutic techniques just to maintain.

In bad Vastu, bad things happen. In good Vastu, good things happen. In great Vastu, extraordinary things happen.

Primary Causes of Bad Vastu:

  • Below Grade home - from nearby hills or sloping property
  • EMFs (electro-magnetic frequencies from cell phones, cell towers, high wires and the rest of electrical wiring & equipment in homes such as televisions, computers, wi-fi networks, phones, appliances, etc.)
  • Water bodies

Unfortunately, almost every home we test today is depolarized and weakening the individuals living there. The good news is there are now ways to reverse this and even turn adversity into advantage!

Check out our Vastu remediation products to easily improve your life.

Because improving the home energetics/Vastu and protection from EMFs requires the same approach and products, you will find all the Vastu products in the EMF Protection category here.

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