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Attention, Concentration & Brain Support

Quantum nutrition for focus, attention, memory & intelligence - I.Q.

Brain Support Supplements in Priority Order:

  • Adaptogen-R-3
  • DHA
  • CereVen (formerly Brain Complex)
  • Max B-ND
  • Neuro-ND - currently unavailable
  • NADH
  • CircuZyme
  • NZ Red
  • AdrenaVen
  • Pink Salt
  • Quinol-ND - currently unavailable
  • NeuroVen
  • Vitamin C

Key factors that may affect brain and memory health:

  • Inadequate digestion and assimilation of nutrients
  • Poor antioxidant status
  • Immune Stress
  • Insufficient or interrupted sleep (ideally, get at least 5 hours straight of sleep nightly)
  • High stress lifestyle or diet

For maximum brain and memory support, also use the digestive support products as part of your daily regimen. Undigested food can get reabsorbed into the blood stream as toxins that affect the brain. pH support is also important because it determines every cell's access to oxygen.

Endocrine system rejuvenation - optimal neruotransmitter production, memory, brain, kidney, adrenal & weight support
Price: $24.95
Supports adrenal glands, deep sleep, spleen, energy, mood and memory
Price: $19.95
Supports brain & nerve function, memory, attention, focus & clarity
Price: $27.95
Supports blood circulation, heart, arterial function, male sexual performance
Price: $39.95
Feed your Brain! Promotes superior brain processing, mental acuity and memory, protects brain when eating out
Price: $29.95
EPA/DHA Marine
Fish oil concentrate for brain, kidneys, heart, vision & joint health.
Price: $29.95
Max B-ND - 2 oz
Only live-source vitamin B complex in world - stress, brain support & high energy
Price: $21.95
Max B-ND - 8 oz
Only live-source vitamin B complex in world - maximum liver, stress, brain, high energy & mood support
Price: $79.95
DNA repair, brain, memory, athletic endurance & energy enhancer
Price: $32.95
Neuro-ND - 2 oz
World's 1st stabilized, nanized DHLA (dihydrolipoic acid) - ultimate antioxidant - quenches every free radical known to man
Price: $39.95
Out of Stock
Neuro-ND - 8 oz
World's 1st stabilized, nanized DHLA (dihydrolipoic acid) - ultimate antioxidant - quenches every free radical known to man
Price: $129.95
Out of Stock
Nerve & brain rejuvenation - concentration, focus, memory
Price: $25.95
NZ-Red Velvet Deer Antler
Natural Stem Cell source - supports reproductive organs, bladder, spine, cartilage & connective tissue
Price: $29.95
Phyto Quinol-ND - 8 oz
World's only source of fully-reduced CoQ-10 - immediately available for cell energy boosting
Price: $34.95
Out of Stock
Pink Salt
Raw unprocessed sea salt blend - rich in electrolytes, alkaline & trace minerals; outstanding health benefits
Price: $14.50
Vitamin C Complex
Natural source vitamin C & synergists - optimal health, vitality, immune function
Price: $19.95

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