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Blood Support - Iron

Blood Building Support Supplements in Priority Order:

  • ErythroPro
  • Medi Chlorella-FX
  • B12-ND
  • AdrenaVen

Possible underlying causes of low iron:

  1. Inability of liver to absorb iron because it has become clogged with rock forms of iron from artificially "fortified" foods like white flour, cereals and other processed foods. It is important to work on cleansing the liver in this case. See our Liver/Gallbladder Cleansing page.
  2. Low HCL and digestive enzymes so digestive system can't properly absorb iron and other nutrients from foods. See our Digestion suggestions.

If you are over 35 and have eaten a lot of "enriched" foods like white flour or cereal, the rock form of iron in enriched white flour can bioaccumulate in the liver and cause low serum iron levels. Organic, sulfite free, apricots are rich in copper and antagonize the trapped iron in the liver and over 6 to 8 months can clear this liver burden, provided no enriched foods are consumed.

Soak 6-8 dried apricots for at least 20 minutes, then eat. After 3 weeks, continue eating the apricots, and add 6 organic and sulfite free dried prunes to the diet to increase iron levels naturally. This can take 3-4 months.
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