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Date Published: 2001
Author: Total Health Secrets
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Beyond Arise & Shine
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After 8 years, although we didn't think possible, we have finally found a Cleanse Program and product line, HealthForce Nutritionals, that we feel is superior to Arise and Shine in every way...effectiveness, price, ease of use, puritymore potent and powerful results with much less or no cleansing reactions!

HealthForce products are produced by Jameth Sheridan, N.D., a naturopathic doctor and scientist. He is a vegan whole food nutritionist who distributed Arise & Shine products years ago and understands the benefits & limitations of the program & formulas. Although they were far superior to most supplement companies, Jameth was still not satisfied with the high price, mass out-sourced manufacturing and inclusion of isolated nutrients or non-vegan ingredients in the Arise & Shine products. He felt HealthForce could produce a higher quality, organic whole food, vastly more potent & effective product line and we are convinced they have!

Here are some of the HealthForce products and how we feel they represent a significant step up and offer better value than Arise & Shine products (for more details, see our new Cleanse Program Summary and HealthForce Catalog):

Vitamineral™ Green - replacement and vast improvement, all in one bottle, for Herbal Nutrition, Flora Grow, Minerals and Ultimate Food Complex. Wow! Contains more milligrams per bottle than those 4 put together and is more potent and nutrient dense per milligram. Vitamineral™ Green is the single most amazing product we've used.

An additional advantage, like all HealthForce products, is that they offer both a suggested normal usage and an intensive usage for cleansing and building. There is no limit to the amount you can take, since the product is not really a supplement but actually 100% whole food.

Greener Grasses™ - replaces Alkalizer and Electro Life and is more natural and alkalizing.

Intestinal Cleansing & Movement Formula - replaces Chomper with an even more powerful yet at the same time gentler formula.

Intestinal Drawing Formula - replaces Psyllium and Bentonite. Significantly more drawing & detoxifying, less constipating if at all & not bloating (by including slippery elm, marshmallow root & other botanicals instead of psyllium). Much easier to drink than psyllium shakes!

Liver RescueTM II+ - helps prevent, reduce or eliminate cleansing reactions by greatly helping the liver to process & remove toxins. This is huge, especially for anyone who has ever had some rough days (or weeks) on Arise & Shine's program, which doesn't include anything like this.

Olive Leaf Extract and Nopal Cactus - these optional products help fight parasites, candida, harmful bacteria and viruses and help balance blood sugar. This also prevents cleansing reactions and naturally prepares you for a subsequent candida or parasite program.

Why We Switched

We worked closely with Dr. Jameth Sheridan to create a Cleanse for you that adds these benefits:
1) more effective
2) more affordable - tremendously better value for ingredients included!
3) easier to use
4) more generous supply of nutrient-dense super foods
5) more flexible with diet choices
6) relaxed ph requirements - can do entire 3-week Relaxed Phase regardless of ph
7) works better with busy, active, engaged lifestyles
8) more whole foods, no isolated nutrients
9) less to have to think about
10) less adjustments you have to make
11) accommodating to your lifestyle, not the other way around
12) a program everyone can have success with
13) tastes better!
14) an easier 2-week option
15) is effective enough to meet the health challenges of a new generation that has grown up with weakened immune systems, carcinogens, genetically altered and irradiated food, pharmaceuticals, antibiotics, pesticides and generations of inherited toxins.

And keeps these benefits:
1) quality you've come to expect
2) flexibility
3) respect for your body & your desire to take charge of your health
4) integrity of a proven system

Also, Dr. Anderson seems to be semi-retired and has become inaccessible over the last few years. Groundbreaking work by pioneers like Dr. Bernard Jenson & Dr. Anderson re-introduced the Western world to the importance of intestinal cleansing & fine-tuned the approach. Dr. Sheridan's products and 16 years of research and experience represent a quantum leap & a new generation of health.

His phenomenal Vitamineral™ Green & other brilliant formulas are simply the best alternative health products out there. Dr. Sheridan's recently introduced Cleanse Program & formulas represent such a dramatic jump in value and effectiveness that we were compelled to switch to his product line so that we could continue to offer you the best. He is not resting on his laurels but is on an all out quest to develop & improve the ultimate cleansing & super health building products at a more reasonable price.

See the HealthForce Cleanse program here.

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