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Colema Board® vs. Professional Colonics
Professional colonic systems vary, however, most will flush the colon quickly using water pressure. The therapist may use massage for better results. However, when professional colonics are cost prohibitive or unavailable, the Colema Board is affordable and available for repeated use.

Colema Board® vs. Enemas
Enemas usually consist of a 2-quart bag and tubing. The enema is administered in a knee-chest position. For evacuation, the tip is removed and the fluid is expelled into the toilet. The procedure is repeated as necessary. However, only 2 quarts are used at a time, and enemas tend to flush only the lower bowel.

The Colema Board®
The Colema Board is designed to flush the lower and upper colon of wastes, gas and poisons with the ease of a one-time rectal insertion and continuous evacuations without removal of the tip. Unlike an enema, it does not involve the retention of water. There is NO discomfort, NO internal pressure, just a steady gently flow in and out of the colon.

By utilizing a 5 gallon bucket, water and/or a solution is dispensed at will and without getting off the board to expel. Any evacuation material will fall into the toilet through the opening beneath the splashguard of the board. This procedure usually takes from 1/2 hour to 1 hour to exhaust a 5 gallon container. Of course you may stop earlier when you feel clean and happy!

The Importance of Bathing and Cleansing the Colon
There are so many types of poisons which can be found in a toxic colon. Some of these poisons are highly active and can produce the most detrimental effects - even in very small quantities. In many cases, these toxins can be absorbed by the colon and poison the rest of the body.

What would happen if you never took a bath or shower? Or if you didn't empty your kitchen garbage can for months - and you kept on throwing more and more food on top of it? Wouldn't your entire house start smelling like a garbage dump? Well, the same thing happens with a constipated clogged-up colon. The waste and fumes will permeate the entire body - including your skin, teeth, eyes, organs and even nerves. This is why it is so important to cleanse the colon and keep it clean.

You will be amazed at the size and types of hardened mucous excretions you will eliminate. The system saves this type of elimination for your personal examination (if desired by the adventurous and scientific minded). With the aid of a cleansing program, you will be able to SEE, FEEL and EXAMINE, with rubber gloves, unbelievable quantities of material that is not fecal matter - it is not your flesh - yet, it is flesh-like without blood or nerves. It is MUCOUS which has built up in your colon over the years. Your newly acquired knowledge should convince you to CONTINUE this type of colon irrigation until all is eliminated.

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