Diet for a New America

Date Published: 1987
Author: John Robbins
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Diet For A New America

By John Robbins

This classic is among the most important books of our time. It is a compassionate yet hard hitting, well researched expose of the effects of meat and dairy consumption on our health and the health of our planet, with a beautiful section on our interrelationship with animals. You'll find your understanding lifted to a true planetary consciousness.

Robbins documents the direct relationship between meat consumption and nearly every environmental problem, including: Rainforest destruction (to raise cattle), Water (one hamburger's production uses the amount of water it takes for one person to shower every day for a year), Hunger (we can wipe out starvation with a 10% cut in meat consumption because meat production requires 16 times its weight in grain and soy as cattle feed), Water pollution (from runoff of pesticides and manure).

From his extensive health research one statistic stood out: 50% of Americans die of heart attacks (cancer kills another 33%). For vegetarians it is under 15%, for vegans under 4%. It is never too late to change. Eat live fruits and vegetables for life. This book will help you make a more informed choice. Bon appetit!

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