Why Detoxification is
The Fast Lane to Vitality

The single most important and vital action we can take to promote healing and restore health is to undertake the process of detoxification. This is the healing system devised and prescribed by Nature.

Most Naturopathic doctors and natural healers who truly understand the cause of health and disease will tell you that toxins are the underlying cause of all cellular breakdown and disease in the body. The cells become polluted from environmental poisons such as pesticides, chemical additives in our food, drugs, denatured processed "food" and undigested stored wastes from "foods" not well suited for the human digestive system.

The symptoms of the cold, flu or other disease are usually the body trying to cleanse out old waste on its own. The body tries to purge this waste periodically, but after time, the sludge builds up to such a degree that cells begin to drown in their own waste. This may be the problem causing your other problems.

Additionally, the blood stream is fed through the colon, so when the digestive tract gets overloaded with wastes or toxins, they get picked up by the blood and spread throughout the body. Wherever the weak areas are, those cells and tissues break down and we label that disease. Or, if it's not a specific area, then the body just weakens and becomes more susceptible to breakdowns.

But disease is not a thing. It is a process...a process of the body becoming more and more toxic..and like any process, it can be reversed...and relatively easily and quickly.

Traditionally, we treat the symptoms of illness and think we have cured the problem when the symptoms stop. We haven't. The cause of disease is still there, as we become all too aware when the symptoms re-surface with increasing frequency and intensity.

The simplest, quickest, most direct way to improve your health and energy and stabilize your weight is to do an herbal intestinal cleansing program. This is how you begin to accomplish the steps to vibrant health and vitality discussed in 7 Secrets of Health.

It's how you build a solid foundation of health. When you want to build a strong house, you don't start by paving over the swamp and then building the house. First, you drain the swamp. In the body, this means cleansing the digestive track while you detoxify the body. Before you start you must know...[Top]

How to Choose the Best Cleanse Program

I've examined and tried hundreds of cleansing supplements and programs and most of them don't work very well or they seem to do something for a few days and then feel so subtle that I may as well be saving my money. Doesn't that sound like most of the supplements you've taken?

Let me save you a lot of time, money and disappointment. Don't listen to anyone not getting the results you seek! Every day I see another cleanse program on the market or someone asks me about some 3-day or 7-day cleanse with only 1 or 2 products.

Unfortunately, big business is now seeing the alternative health industry as another potential mass market. But they approach it with the same medieval fast pace, fast food, fast pill mentality. Catering to where we've been programmed to avoid responsibility & time investment for our own health. Opting instead for the quick fix - the pill, treatment or operation to make the symptoms go away, so we don't have to think about or deal with the cause (until later). Unfortunately, the old adage, "you get what you pay for" applies here.

You wouldn't want to compromise where your health is concerned. When you're dealing with your body you want to take the time to do it right. Why keep those poisonous toxins in the body another day? The price is too high. They may be damaging you whether you feel it or not.

Our bodies are being steadily weakened by these toxins we allow to remain inside us. You can change this. You can have the kind of health and energy you want. There are some simple yet powerful ways to change if you take action now.

I discovered a program ten years ago that I recommend because it is simply the best. I feel so lucky to have found these products. Most of my life I had chronic fatigue (I was tired all the time) and got sick with the change of seasons. Now, after a few cleanses and using many of the products every day, I rarely meet anyone as healthy, with as much energy as me. I have not been sick even one day in 10 years and am lighter with more energy than I had in high school.

Remember, only take advice from someone already getting the results you are seeking. I am getting those results consistently, with myself and with over 10,000 people who I have personally coached through this cleanse process in the last 10 years.

I pass this along to you because of the powerful impact it has made on my life and those I've shared it with. If everyone did this program we'd probably all be healthier and live in a safer, peaceful, more compassionate world. Now you can do it too and live a happier, more energized life. Helping you to do so is part of my personal mission and I've made it our company’s mission as well. We're here to help you! So here's what I recommend for you.[Top]

Just Do It...and Now

I suggest you get on this program now! Don't wait ten years, watch your health go down hill and then wonder where you could have been. The cleanse will help you take a quantum leap in your health & energy. The rewards are great and will affect every aspect of your life...if you do it now. You are worth it!

The program you want is called The HealthForce Program. It's produced by HealthForce Nutritionals. This is where we come in...we can help you get it and do it...we support you all the way through. We don't just help you Get it. We help you Do it. Here's the quick scoop on how it was developed...

A Quantum Leap & a New Generation of Health

The HealthForce Program was created by Dr. Jameth Sheridan (N.D.), a naturopathic doctor, scientist, health researcher and vegan whole food nutritionist. After extensive research, he discovered he could produce revolutionary products without the higher prices, mass manufacturing methods and inclusion of non-vegan or isolated nutrients in other cleanses. Dr. Sheridan has produced a more affordable, pure and potent organic whole food product line. His unique supplements and superfoods are exceptionally effective with no toxicity. Extensive traditional and unique testing methods are used, including lab assays, kirlian photography, traditional blood work and live blood cell analysis. His goal is to provide true health with integrity. Dr. Sheridan's products and 16 years of research and experience represent a quantum leap and a new generation of health.

To understand why this program is the best cleanse on the market, you must read...

The 6 Crucial Components of Cleansing.[Top]

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